Our Mission

We value team work and collaboration.  Our aim is to leverage proficiencies in live events, ad operations, budgeting and analytical skills to contribute to a team as well as take on a leadership role.

What We've Achieved


Nadine Shelton

In the past year, I have managed prototype builds for the Decentric Media and Color Farm Media as well as live streamed Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm Global Championship. 

My career has spanned 15+ years in live streaming, product launches and start ups. At YouTube, I worked closely with Product, Marketing, Public Relations and Legal to launch the YouTube TV, Comment Moderation tools and the YouTube Gaming APP.  I managed countless live streamed events for brands and partners including Coachella, Lollapalooza, AMEX Unstaged and RNC/DNC/Elections coverage. 

Prior to YouTube, I worked in ad operations and content operations for various startups. I also managed graphics creation for MTV’s Room Raiders and Associate Produced a home design show for Fox.


Matt Shelton

I started out in music publicity in London circa 1997, after a few years, by way of a year in Atlanta, I was living in New York City. Simply, the more events I worked on, the more I wanted to know what everyone else's role was and how they affected each other. I soon found myself producing events and live shows.

I left the label life, for the first time, to go into artist management, working with Roger Davis and toured the world a couple of times with Pink as her day to day manager.

In 2007 I dived back into the label world, as head of Artist Relations & Events for EMI/Capitol.  

After 10 yrs running this department, including a relocation to Los Angeles, it was time to focus on my own projects.