Blockchain Basics Salon

In 2016, I began exploring VR/AR and saw alignment with AI and blockchain technologies. In late 2017 I dove into cryptocurrency consulting, saw the lack of diversity in this space that reflected my early days in tech and felt compelled to address it. 

The Blockchain Basics Salon was born in May 2018 and we have 30 signups to date.  We meet monthly to discuss the basics and learn how this technology can be applied to real world use cases. Interests cover Fintech, PR, Digital Marketing, Insurance and Media.  Sessions are not recorded to create a safe space for questions and feedback. 

We are in the early days of blockchain and have an opportunity to defy current socio-economic divides.

Together we can:

  • learn more about the technology

  • identify career change opportunities

  • diversify blockchain communities & solutions   A woman-powered blockchain community

A woman-powered blockchain community

In 2019 the Blockchain Basics Salon proudly merged with the Rabbit Hole to promote diversity and inclusion in the blockchain ecosystem. The first event will be on 2/26/19 and will be a deep dive on Ethereum v EOS. Be sure to join the Meetup group and social networks below to receive notifications about future events.


Jesse Lucas  Melrose PR,  Director of Operations

Jesse Lucas
Melrose PR,
Director of Operations

Wednesday october 3, 2018

Jesse Lucas will share her journey to blockchain. Learn about her path which lead her to Melrose PR, a niche blockchain and cryptocurrency-focused marketing and PR agency. They are kind enough to host our team at their beautiful and welcoming Westside location.

Down the Rabbit Hole: A Women in Blockchain Salon 9/27

The Blockchain Basics Salon is partnering with the Rabbit Hole, Blockdaemon, Consensys and other Los Angeles Women in Blockchain groups for a mixer. Join us on 9/27 at 6:30pm PT!

Rachel Cook  SEEDS Token, Founder / CEO

Rachel Cook
SEEDS Token, Founder / CEO

Wednesday August 8, 2018

For our third Blockchain Basics Salon, we will hear from the founder of SEEDS ( and Token . Rachel Cook will join us in person to share her journey to creating a philanthropic token. By using apps, such as Aura, you can see requests for micro-donations. Tokens can be donated to fulfill these needs.

A bit more about Rachel Cook: RachelCook is a former Futures/Equities Trader in NewYork and Chicago, and was the Director/Producer of The Microlending Film Project, a feature documentary exploring the impact of microloans on women around the world. Rachel founded Seeds in 2013, and spent the night in anKenyan jail in the early days of her work on the project. She is a graduate of Duke University.

Jill Carrigan  Ingeledodd Media, COO

Jill Carrigan
Ingeledodd Media, COO

Wednesday july 11, 2018

We'll discuss online and in person options in Blockchain Continuing Education. Our own Jill Carrigan will discuss her experience at Draper University. 

Nadine Shelton  All for One, Founder

Nadine Shelton
All for One, Founder

wednesday june 13, 2018

Thank you for showing interest in the Blockchain Beginner Salon. I'm excited to open up a space where we can learn and grow together. In our first session we'll do a round of intros and share our goals for the group. I'll go over some general blockchain resources and set an agenda for our next session.