Project: Color Farm Connect

Color Farm Connect

June - September 2018


Product Coach

In this project, I worked to take the co-founders from ideation into the prototype stage. I applied the following four step plan to reach our goal.

  1. Clarifying the product vision - We had multiple brainstorm meetings to flesh out the initial ideas and come up with a clear product vision.

  2. Product planning - In a Product Doc, we bucketed the product ideas to phases and determined what we could build as a simple prototype with limited budget.

  3. UX Design - The prototype was created in collaboration with a UX designer. This end product serves as a clickable demo to illustrate the idea for investors and also is a guide for the actual build process.

  4. Pitch clean up - We worked on the investor pitch deck to clarify the overall mission, problems solved, product highlights and marketing strategy.

The result was a clickable prototype and a deck which is currently being taken to several investor meetings.

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